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Got Questions??

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Will my dog benefit from this type of training?

Absolutely! This program has been tweaked and polished to create an optimal experience for both the humans and the pups!  By utilizing specific tools to encourage focus and engagement, we are able to open a new line of communication with our furry companions in a unique way that will benefit your relationship forever!  Pair that with motivators such as food, play time and other interactive activities, these custom packages are built on improving confidence and overall quality of life! 

Is every training package the same? 

No, just like no two dogs are exactly alike, everything we do here is tailored to fit the needs of each specific dog we work with.  Every training program is designed to motivate and build confidence and we have a number of ways to get to that end goal.  What works really well for one dog, might be a terrible solution for another...  The reason we start the process with a free consultation is so we can accurately identify the best route to take for you and your pup. 

"Once we finish the initial training program, is that it?"

Nope!  The fun never ends here at Infinite K9 Academy!  There are so many new things we can work on once your dog graduates from their initial program.  We can take the skills they've just learned to the next level with our advanced obedience courses. If you'd like to work on a specific skill like scent work or therapy training, we can dive into that as well!  Sky's the limit when it comes to training your dog and we want to help you achieve every goal you have for your furry companion!

How often should I be training my dog?

This is always a common question but the answer is really up to you! Here at Infinite K9, we are very big on creating impactful training sessions whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Need to run a letter out to the mailbox/post office? Bring your dog! Cleaning your house for a party tonight? Take a break for 5 minutes and work on some recalls or a new trick.  Training your dog does not have to be a chore, 5-10 minutes with your pup goes a lot further than you may think! 

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