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Meet The Team


This is "Azul"! He has been part of the Infinite squad since the very beginning.  Azul was the first dog the founder (Cody) owned since moving to Minneapolis.  This little guy has tons of energy and loves to engage with other people.  So much so in fact, that he is also a licensed therapy dog as well!  Azul has worked along side Cody for a number of years.  Together they have helped many dogs become more happy and confident.  Check out some of his highlight videos displaying just how talented this little troublemaker is!     



Here we have miss "Kirra"! She has been with us for a few years now herself.  Shortly after Azul came into the picture, the Infinite Team figured he could use a sister... Kirra is a rescue pup, we got her from a local rescue center called Felines and Canines in Chicago.  Her background is very much still a mystery but she is loved dearly by everyone she meets.  Early on, Kirra struggled with some pretty severe anxiety and fearful behaviors.  But with consistent training and proper guidance, she's been able to overcome those fears and be a very confident dog.  We are very proud of her and her success over the past few years!   



Meet "Catori"! She is the newest fuzzy hooligan to our fun little team.  Catori is a Dutch Shepherd and she is originally from the mountains of Virginia.  She has more energy than she will ever need and she loves to GO GO GO! Being that she is a working breed, Catori will be doing a number of tasks for us here at Infinite K9.  She will be doing personal protection work, scent detection and advanced obedience to showcase her agility and overall strength.  At only 5 months old, she is enjoying her life as a crazy little puppy for now, but be on the lookout for updates on her progress as she grows! 

Meet the Owner

Cody Bolstad

Originally from Minnesota, Cody has been working with dogs for over half his life.  From the early days of casually walking dogs for friends and family, to professionally training dogs of all sizes/breeds.  Cody has a true passion for working with dogs and helping others achieve their canine related goals.    

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